Are you a Type Q or Type R Shopper?

When I completed my own doctorate (waaaay back), one of the tangential observations made was the following shopping typology:

Type Q: The functional, utilitarian patron who shops of necessity, as quickly (hence: type Q) as possible because it is a chore. This type of behaviour is characterised by small but frequent purchases which are purely aimed at acquiring merchandise for consumption. Duration of the visit is usually short, and only a limited part of the centre (if it is a large centre) or a small (convenience) centre is patronised. Target stores are usually supermarkets for grocery shopping. 

Type R: The hedonic shopper who does not necessarily buy a lot but has fun and enjoys the shopping task. The visit to the centre is in a relaxed (hence: type R) manner. The aim is to enjoy the shopping experience and the actual purchase and consumption is secondary. That is the patronage behaviour does not necessarily extend to buying behaviour - or is limited to entertainment orientated consumption.

Type Q and Type R never took off, but the industry has subsequently adopted (none of my doing) the typical distinction of the Social and the Functional shopper. The reason why Q & R works for me is because it relates to two very different customer experiences and hence can be translated pragmatically into specific programs.