Random stuff you need to know about

In YESTERDAY’S post I wrote about how your body ‘thinks’ = Embodied Cognition.

I asked you a question. If you haven’t read it, read it quickly before continuing because the answer follows at the bottom of this post.

I have changed my writing schedule to bring you DAILY blog posts instead of a weekly posts and a monthly (more-or-less) newsletter. But sometimes you just come across stuff that can only be shared as ‘titbits’ in a newsletter, so I am introducing a ‘random stuff you need to know about’ post.

1.  There is a place that kids can turn to get homework help. Mmmmh….

2.  I juxtapose this with Seth Godin agitating for change in the school system – a noble dream and interesting read. (Although it has been around a while.)

3.  Two interesting facts from some academic research:


Our results show that a higher degree of customers' convenience orientation in contrast to the degree of risk aversion and service orientation encourages the selection of the online channel over the offline channel. 


The negativity of the service failure has the potential to escalate when consumers who are part of a traditionally stigmatized group believe the service failure to be a purposeful event brought on by physically observable differences in appearance

As always, YOUR JOB when being confronted with facts like these are to ask yourself: SO WHAT? And then respond to your own interpretation.

4.  And fourthly, being entrepreneur, I was attracted to the title of this site: http://www.thestartupofyou.com/ - and since it was written by the founder of LinkedIn I thought it was interesting enough to check out.

5.  This wonderful piece from Ian Martin on turning 60 – one for the Boomers.

6.  Have you ever wondered what the world's first website, looked like? It is recreated on its original URL 20 years since it launched? Check it out.

The answer to yesterday’s question is:

People moving UP are more likely to donate because they are more ‘upstanding’ or ‘high-minded’ and will act accordingly.

Dennis Price

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