Your BODY doesn’t only ‘talk’, it actually thinks

Many people still mistakenly believe that the mind operates like a computer. It doesn’t. We increasingly understand that the brain’s job is not to simply process information but to control the actions of your body. The technical term is embodied cognition.

If you study linguistics you will appreciate how this works – and understand the relevance the sales, communication and persuasion.

If you think of abstract good things (morals, God, virtue etc…) you tend to think of those as ‘up’.

If you think of abstract bad things (the devil, depression, criminals) you tend to think of those as ‘down’.

That is you apply a spatial metaphor to abstract concepts. These ‘embodied metaphors’ are the building blocks of perception, cognition and action.

In practice what this means is that the actual physical experience and expression of the body determines thoughts, feelings and perceptions. Let me illustrate:

People who are holding a warm drink (coffee) feel more positively inclined (warmly) towards the other person.

People who are seated in soft chairs are more flexible in their negotiating positions.

Play along to see if you understand the concept:

You are raising fund for a charity. You have to choose where to position yourself and your bucket. Where would you stand?

  1. At the bottom of the escalator catching the people who are descending?
  2. At the top of the escalator catching the people who are ascending?

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Dennis Price

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