It's nice to be 2 years ahead of Harvard Business Review

Twenty one months actually to be fair. But counting the time it took to conceive and prepare my presentation for the Retail Conference in Melbourne on 14 September 2011, it would be pretty close to 2 years ago that I coined the term 'MUTUALISTIC ORIENTATION'.

I was proposing the next stage in the evolution of Marketing.  (Extending Kotler's description of the evolution of Marketing, I asked the question: After product orientation and after marketing orientation comes... what? And my answer was as per this slide image:


On 25th June 2013 HBR published this article titled : To Overcome Your Company's Limits, Look to Symbiosis. In it they make similar claims I did two years earlier.:

It is a good read - do click on the link.  (and you can watch the presentation HERE. - scroll to bottom of page.)

I wonder if anyone who was at the conference is reading this? Did you know then you were ahead of the game?

Aaahhh - a prophet is never recognised in their own country. - but we live in hope.

OK. Bragging spell over. Please continue. (Or GO HERE if you are really done.)