Are retailers drug pushers

... or are they simply meeting demand?

Imagine this:

The girl is dressed in skinny jeans and a halter-top. She marches confidently in her ankle-boots through the aisles until she gets to the clothing department. The girl slowly walks past the rack of clothing, trailing her hand on the merchandise, caressing the fabrics. She comes to the lingerie and stops, takes a pair of pink panties off the rack and holds it up in admiration.
It is a very small bikini-cut, though not quite g-string, made from a fleshy-pink sheer fabric and has a glitter-heart on the crotch. She holds it against her body and wiggles her hips provocatively.
She turns to her mum, and says: 'isn't this sexy'?

She is six years old. (I am guessing.)

The scene is real and happened recently in a Sydney Discount Department Store.

I feel like crying.

Is the retailer the drug-pusher and the consumer the addict?

Where did we go wrong? Who is to blame? Where will it end?

Or am I just getting old?

Young Kid in Skinny Jeans.png

The image above is obviously NOT that girl - just an image online. I have however taken the liberty to touch-up the face because I don't want to associate a wrong person with the abovementioned scenario. I therefore also don't want to credit the photo to the source specifically.

But the pose struck in this image raises the same questions I asked above.