The Golden Triangle of Happiness and Success

Researchers at Deakin University have done a meta-study on happiness research and identified the golden triangle of factors that will assure you happiness. These are:

Money (More than $100k per annum gross household)

Love (relationship with a significant other)

Purpose (social engagement and meaningful activity)

I thought about it how these factors as applicable to the individual might be translated to factors that might apply to the group (as in a company) – and specifically a retail company. This is what I came up with:

Capital (sufficient cash to invest and reinvest and enough of a buffer to provide some stability)

Culture (the unspoken rules that govern behaviour between employees)

Mission (having a clear, compelling and worthwhile mission makes the job meaningful)

If these are true, the real question is then, how do you create or achieve these attributes?

Capital: Spend the money as if it was your own – and not some faceless company’s money. Be tight on the expenditure, be prudent on your investment and don’t be afraid to spend money on the things that add value and propel you on your chosen path.
Culture: Fire the people who are unhappy. Hire new people with the right attitude and trust them with your purpose.
Mission: Make sure your mission passes the receptionist test. (You did read this in April 2009 and applied it, right?)

So there you have it. A happy company is a successful company.

Have fun

Dennis Price

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