50 reasons why you can’t change and one why you should

E.F. Borish, a Product Manager in the Milwaukee Gear Company, originally penned this list; reproduced here from a Fast Company article.)

Evaluate your resistance to change and if it is on the list, it is probably not a valid reason for you not to embrace that change.

1.      We've never done it before.

2.      Nobody else has ever done it.

3.      It has never been tried before.

4.      We tried it before.

5.      Another company/person tried it before.

6.      We've been doing it this way for 25 years.

7.      It won't work in a small company.

8.      It won't work in a large company.

9.      It won't work in our company.

10.   Why change -- it's working OK.

11.   The boss will never buy it.

12.   It needs further investigation.

13.   Our competitors are not doing it.

14.   It's too much trouble to change.

15.   Our company is different.

16.   The ad department says it can't be done.

17.   Sales department says it can't be done.

18.   The service department won't like it.

19.   The janitor says it can't be done.

20.   It can't be done.

21.   We don't have the money.

22.   We don't have the personnel.

23.   We don't have the equipment.

24.   The union will scream.

25.   It's too visionary.

26.   You can't teach an old dog new tricks.

27.   It's too radical a change.

28.   It's beyond my responsibility.

29.   It's not my job.

30.   We don't have the time.

31.   It will obsolete other procedures.

32.   Customers won't buy it.

33.   It's contrary to policy.

34.   It will increase overhead.

35.   The employees will never buy it.

36.   It's not our problem.

37.   I don't like it.

38.   You're right, but ....

39.   We're not ready for it.

40.   It needs more thought.

41.   Management won't accept it.

42.   We can't take the chance.

43.   We'd lose money on it.

44.   It takes too long to pay out.

45.   We're doing all right as it is.

46.   It needs committee study.

47.   Competition won't like it.

48.   It needs sleeping on.

49.   It won't work in this department.

50.   It's impossible.

Despite the plethora of reasons you may find for NOT changing you should acknowledge that all things, with the exception of God, changes, and that it is not only inevitable, it is necessary.

You may not know this, but in the decade of 2000-2010, a grand total of 40% of the Fortune 500 companies disappeared off the list. I am sure they have their reasons for it (where they still exist), but I can guarantee that at the heart of the matter lies the failure to change.


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