Half the difference in your profit from competitors comes from this

If company A had a profit of $100m and Company B had a profit of $50M, then the difference (obviously) is $50M.

The amazing thing is that HALF of that difference can be attributed to culture.



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Heskett wrote a book, The Culture Cycle in which finds that as much as half of the difference in operating profit between organizations can be attributed to effective cultures.

The million dollar question is therefore: HOW DO YOU CHANGE CULTURE?

Firstly, creating the right culture is easier than changing it. When you start the business is the easiest and best way to do it.

If you do have to change it, the process requires soft skills. It’s about changing the behaviour of the individuals, and you can only do that by addressing their feelings.

At Ganador we have developed an internal coaching program that has termed a Dynamic Learning Network – and the stages of the process is referred to as the PEDALS process. Whilst that is somewhat cutesy, it is easy to remember, but more importantly the sequence of activities (to learn new behaviour) in the PEDALS framework is designed to address the EMOTIONAL CONTEXT of new behaviours and new skills before focusing on the functional/ technical skills.

We did that because there is no other way. Spending money on learning/training is often a waste of time BECAUSE there is no attention given to the emotional context of the learning interaction.

If you are interested in changing culture – even to strengthen an existing, successful culture ask us how ...