How to start a consulting business and find your niche.

This post comes in two parts: serious and not-so-serious.

In the tough economic climate that prevails, I suspect the consulting ranks will swell with many new entrants.

And as a consultant, I encourage this. There are a lot of businesses that need help. In order to succeed as a consultant, you need a few key variables to be in place:

Here is a good place as any to start if you want to tap into the SME retail space.)

To get you stated on finding your niche, I have created a marketing buzz-generator – for all to use… for free

Pick-and-Mix one word from each of these tables, combine…. and off you go:

Buzzword generator.PNG

Just don’t expect me to buy the book :-))

Of course you figured that this is the not-so serious-part of the post.

Whatever you do, make sure it is fun.