David Jones (Aus) vs Barneys (USA) - Shoppable Video Technology

David Jones launched their efforts at shoppable video. - their first effort as far as I know.

I liked that they tried. I hope they make enough money to keep innovating. It is not really their fault that the technology is not quite up there to make it compelling and seamless for the consumer. 

(Only about 2000 views at time of writing, hope this blog helps that along.) 

I believe video shopping like this will be big - when the tech works for the consumer. 

One thing I did not really 'get'  was how they curated the products to go with possible click. E.g. when you clicked on a word or a certain image you had a different landing page but the collections appeared pretty random - but then I am not the target market so I might miss some of the subtleties.

Barney also had a go at shoppable video.

The embed code does not work on my site, so CLICK HERE to compare their efforts.  In some respects it is ahead of the DJs effort. but I like that DJs did not go the proprietary route (that causes embed problems like the above) and they adopted YouTube as a more open platform.

ALSO - not sure if it my browser or because the campaign is over, but I came up with errors and I think both were too long to really work for going viral..

Fish where the fish are I say...