Social Media risks to bite your arse

Social Media is now pervasive – it is safe to say. But how prepared are you for the inevitable shit that will happen when things go wrong? To paraphrase Elizabeth Barrett Browning: How could it happen? Let me count the ways…

  1. If customer tweets about the poor service, and they say LMFAO, should it be addressed? Removed?
  2. Is the abovementioned any different if they spell it out as Laughing My F*cking Ass Off?
  3. Is WFT offensive if it is offered instead of WTF?
  4. Can you fire an employee who checked in at a venue via Foursquare, when they were meant to be somewhere else?
  5. If a manager happens to see someone’s Linked In profile (but they were not invited as a connection) and there is an inconsistency with their resume, can you do anything about that?
  6. If someone insults a colleague via their personal FB profile, does that constitute harassment?
  7. If customer ‘friends’ an employee (are they allowed?) and during subsequent communications the employee infects the customers computer system with a virus, are you covered?
  8. Email signatures can have disclaimers, but tweets and updates and check-ins don’t, so how do you ‘disclaim’ something in such a way that it will hold up in court?
  9. If an employee owns a twitter account and is followed by customers and that person resigns; who owns the list of followers? (The database?)
  10. How long are you meant to keep a list of tweets in archive? Can you archive it?
  11. An employee sends a link via a tweet that connects to pornographic content via direct message as opposed to a public tweet. Is that different?
  12. Are there certain twitter followers who are not allowed to be followed?
  13. Given the prevalence of ‘bots’ on twitter (fake, robot accounts) – should you and can you verify all your followers of an official account?
  14. If one employee posts a picture of another – or even a selfie – is there a potential breach of privacy? Or if someone or something ‘confidential’ happens to be in the background of said selfie, can you be sued?
  15. Is there a difference between a tweet that is scheduled for after hours release but written in business hours?
  16. If a customer (ratepayer) lodges a complaint via Facebook, is that a considered a formal complaint even if it was not directed at someone specifically?
  17. If a customer lodges an offensive picture or comment and other customers are offended by it, are you liable?
  18. Are you allowed to delete a post just because you find the language offensive?
  19. Is having a policy sufficient defence in releasing the employers’ obligations?
  20. How much training is enough given that there are new networks all the time?
  21. Are employees obligated to declare their activity on all social networks?

There is more where that came from, but I am sure you get the idea.

What are you going to do next?

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