Take what you want, but...



It is one of my least favourite things on Twitter and it is a major reason why I quit Facebook. There is such a plethora of quotes and ecards and ‘words of wisdom’ that have been tarted up with an image and then it is posted and re-posted endlessly for its pseudo-intellectual haught that any sane person would want throw up. Then again, judging by its popularity, maybe I am the odd one out.

It is not sentiment or the action that bothers me, it is the sheer mindlessness that gets my goat. People with no life and too much time on their hands google famous quotes by “fill in the blank” and then create an image for that.

Simply quoting other people – randomly – to me shows lack of original thought. If you are telling a story or there is context and you want to lean on the shoulder of some wise person to illuminate your story, I am happy for you to do so.

Having said that, I would like to share three insights with you. They are not mine and they are therefore not original, but it’s not your everyday Oscar Wilde or Churchillian barb of wisdom.

All three are worth pondering about. And I promise you there is more to each one than you would get from a first, casual reading. Really ponder them – all three insights are really powerful.


Quote #1: This is my all-time favourite life lesson


Quote #2: This is the most powerful insight about success you are likely to come across.


Quote #3: And the following is usually attributed to a (Spanish or maybe originally Persian Proverb) and I discovered recently in a book of fiction.  


"Take what you want and pay for it, says God.”

(Toma lo que quieras y paga por ello, dice Dios.)


It struck me powerfully because the sub-text is the cornerstone of my educational philosophy. There is a sentiment contained in that insight that is sadly missing in today’s world – but I will let you think about that.

I don’t normally ask for comments – but I would be happy to get your own favourite because three is a very short list. Be original if you can, but equally if ylu want to share something unusual and extremely insightful, please share via email, voicemail (see bar on the site) or via comments or even social media.

BTW, here are a 101 original observations about marketing. (Download the PDF here for free – scroll to the bottom of the page.)