Something you can learn from Chumpy Pullin and his Sochi adventure


Let’s face it there are no rags to riches stories in winter sports. There is no kid from the Bronx that made it to the NBA. There is no Mexican street kid who goes on to become the world heavyweight boxing champion.

These sportspeople are typically people of privilege. Living in cold climates takes money. Living in hot climates and visiting the snow regularly takes money.

I know this because I grew up poor and skiing holidays were never on the radar.

My son loves snowboarding and het gets a season pass every year. So we watch the Sochi broadcast. And I find myself waiting up to see how Chumpy goes.

SO, why do I care about Chumpy Pullin and his Sochi dreams? He has his own website, He is healthy and attractive has a beautiful girlfriend – presumably a bit of cash and a lifestyle to match.



Why do I care about a person of privilege notching up yet another privilege?

The answer is very simple: LIKABILITY

I have written about how one becomes liked. It is CORE to the successful sales process. People will overlook all kinds of other issues if you are likable.

Alex (Chumpy) comes across like a nice guy – not a spoilt rich kid. I don’t know what he is really like, but the impression he gives is one of likability and for that reason I am prepared to be interested in his fortunes and hi successes and failures.

This is an attribute worth emulating by all people who are striving for success. It may sound simplistic, but trust me if I say there is good neuroscience behind this phenomenon.

And the best news is that it can be learned.