It doesn't matter even if I told you so

I write a blog. It is not professional journalism and I don’t have source or reference anything. But, just to give you comfort about this blog: more often than not you will hear it hear first.

That might give you comfort, but it is killing me.

I published a post on the 12th of December that content marketing is killing the internet. On the very same day, The Atlantic published a piece on the same topic. Of course that is written and edited professionally. (Because of the time zone difference, I am claiming bragging rights.) You can’t really compare a short blog piece with a professionally published article and I don’t claim any equality from that perspective. (I only became aware of this piece on 25 Jan 2014, wrote the post and is scheduled for 5 Feb 2014 in my pipeline.)

The essence of The Atlantic piece is:

It is too damn hard to keep up. And most of what's out there is crap.

The essence of my piece was:

Content is dying because, even though my content was good, there is obviously better content. There is ALWAYS better content and with so much of it around, nothing but the very best will get accessed. Even then, it better be free. And even if it is free, there are increasingly lower returns on it.

Now that topic has become a debate.

The original article got zero tweets, likes, shares and zero comments.

Now that I can say ‘I told you so’, will you pay more attention?

I am guessing not.

Because every post is just a grain of sand on that great beach we call the internet.