SA vs AUS: Which ad is better? (Both are better than any superbowl ad.)

#thinkdifferent --

A marketer, I have a geeky interest in advertising.

Being an ex-South African, I cannot help compare the advertisements in quality and style.

Being an outsider, I cannot judge the efficacy if either, so this is a matter of pure speculation.

I really liked the Australian-made Doritos ad because I think it captured the essence of the product in a cultureally meaningful way.

This advertisement for Bell's whiskey does the same - different product,m different culture but does it with great style.

On the whole (even allowing for some historical, cultural bias) I think South African advertising is better. Good ads, like the Doritos one above, are too rare. South Africans ads of similar quality are more common, IMHO. 

To prove the point, explore the YouTube Channel for BMW South Africa. It is a brand that we all know and can relate to to see what I mean - and if you agree.