Our gift to you is this little collection (in our birthday week)

The internet is awash in pop-psychology, motivational one liners and quotes from gurus and sages endlessly circulating from Tumblr to Facebook to Pinterest - every time earning an auto-tweet.

The link below HOWEVER is a document on Google Drive that you can download, and are all original insights from one of the sharpest minds writing about business and life at the moment - NN Taleb.

Unlike motivational one liners, this document contains 'heuristics' - that is shortcuts that point to a greater wisdom. Don't be fooled by the first read - unfortunate you have to stop and think.

N Taleb insights about life - and a few examples

  • Be polite, courteous, and gentle, but ignore comments, praise, and criticism from people you wouldn't hire.
  • Mathematics demands an uncontrolled hunger for abstraction, philosophy a very controlled one.
  • You can tell how poor someone feels at the number of times he references money in his conversation.
  • What counts is not what people say about you, it is how much energy they spend saying it.


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