11 things retailers should stop doing and stop thinking

11 Things retailers need to get over

I discovered this great video where a guy gives advice to kids about life. I posted it as a Friday Funny – because it is funny, but there are also some uncomfortable truths in the advice doled out. (“Your parents do have a favourite child. If you don’t know if it is you, then it is not you.”)

In the same vein, some home truths for retailers facing up to this new age.

Ready to be confronted?

  1. You don’t have great customer service. 99.9% of companies deliver poor service and you are one of them. You are not the exception to the rule and you probably never will be. (You may be if you spend more on customer service than you do on marketing AND you pay at least 10% over the market in wages. If you think I am harsh, consider this: 90% of North American firms view customer experience as important or critical and 80% of firms would like to use customer experience as a form of differentiation. [Forrester’s: The State of Customer Experience 2010.] If these are their PLANS then they are NOT there today, right?
  2. You don’t own your brand – your customers do. (The idea of brand management is therefore an anachronism). At best you are a custodian, and custodians act very differently to owners.
  3. If you don’t manage your data you don’t manage a business, you are playing shop.
  4. You can’t have your cake and eat it. (You want to pay minimum wage, and you want great staff. You want the government to butt out of your business with less red tape, and you want government protection when the overseas competition arrive…)
  5. Online is not going away. EVER. Embrace it or …
  6. The landlord won’t reduce your rent because you are struggling, they will reduce your rent if there is a business case for them (not you.) They don’t run your business and they don’t have equity in your business.
  7. No amount of marketing, PR, differentiation, service et al will ever beat quality or competence. There is no substitute for products that work as intended and services that deliver what is promised. (You really can’t fool all the people all the time – especially now.)
  8. The fact that you don’t like customers, shows. Customers know what you really think and feel and you kid yourself if you think otherwise.
  9. Sales incentives don’t incentivise your staff IF every other aspect of the job sucks – including the way you treat them and the conditions they work under.
  10. Unless you are doing something different every year, then ten years’ experience is really only one year’s experience ten time over.
  11. Stop selling and help your customer buy. Yes, even if it means ‘losing’ the sale today and pointing them to a competitor or alternative.

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