Help me pick


Of course we do the face to face thing. But as you know, technology is part of every business if they want to have a future-proof business model.

In our case it is SMARTCLOUD.

We constantly craft the message and the brand and the image, and how to best visually represent it.

The PRODUCT itself can be visually explained as per this image.

SmartCloud by Ganador.PNG

What I need your assistance with is our new business cards.

I am thinking of using some GAPINGVOID art for the back of the business cards.

I am tossing up between the following two:


gapingvoid information knowledge.jpg



gapingvoid knowledge experience.jpg

You can let me know which one you like (including none of the above) by telling me via this voicemail widget below. OR contact via website or twitter or email - whatever is convenient.

(Hah – see what I did there… a bit of innovation testing. C’mon talk to me…)





PS: Let me know what you think about SmartCloud too...