The downside of the upside and the upside of the downside


The biggest killer of success is success.

(The fear of failure grows in direct proportion to what you have got to lose.)

This Contrarian principle has a number of corollaries:

  •  Bigger is always worse (ultimately).
  • Innovation leads to less innovation.
  • Growth leads to death.

So the message is this: Embrace change.

The pressure on the business to survive is good way to clear the decks and make the necessary changes.

Just like a back-burn is a dangerous time, but it has huge benefits in making your territory more defensible. The good times made us lazy, now is the time to scramble and get fit again.

 Daily Telegraph

Daily Telegraph

  • Review category performance and cull.
  • Review staff performance and cull.
  •  Review expenses and cull.
  • Review promotional activities and kill those that are just habitual

… and so forth. These are ways in which we take charge of change and make it work for us instead of it being something that happens to us.