Framing customers

Do you have a pet vulture?

In retail sales training we introduce people to the notion of framing: depending on the ‘frame’ you apply to a situation, your view may be different.

The sales person is taught how to frame a potential purchase in such as ways as to allow the consumer to buy the product. (As opposed to a frame where you are expected to ‘sell to’ the customer.)

E.g.: Our usual frame of a VULTURE is one of a parasite that feeds off others’ efforts. The usual frame is negative.

But if you re-frame your perspective and see the vulture as an efficient and necessary RECYCLER, then the view of a vulture hovering over a carcass is not quite so revolting - and in fact is quite positive.

How do you frame the idea of a ‘customer’?

·        A means to an end?

·        A necessary interruption?

·        A sales opportunity?

·        A complaint waiting to happen

·        A potential shop-lifter.

If any of these – or similar – apply to you, then you have a serious problem being in retail. But it is not a question we ask ourselves often, so we rarely think about it:

What do we really think of when we think of a ‘customer’? (More specifically, what do you think?)

And the follow up question is whether that is a helpful perspective to have. That is, ask yourself this:

Does my perspective help me run a more successful business?

For here is the rub: Your perspective shows. Customers can intuit your attitude and they respond accordingly.

If you are confident that you have a healthy perspective, consider each and every staff member that comes into contact with a customer. What do they really think of when they think ‘customer’?

These are all tough questions to answer honestly, but it can make a huge difference if you do – AND then act on it.



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