The good, the bad and the 'oops' of Australian Retail

Thought I might have some fun and share my list of best-dressed/worst dressed of Australian Retail scene. Just like the Hollywood equivalent, it is completely subjective and not based in any way on any rational analysis and without any insights into actual company operations. I also excluded any of my past/current clients from any of these categories, so this is restricted to those whom I have not done any work with.


JB-HI-FI                              >>> Best All-Rounder

NO QUALIFIERS               >>> Best Customer Service

SPORTSGIRL                     >>> Best Marketing

COTTON-ON                     >>> Best Aussie International Retailer

McDONALDS                    >>> Most Successful Business Model Transformation

LOWES                               >>> Most-Underrated

NEWSLINK                         >>> Most Robust Business Model



AUSTRALIA POST            >>> Most to learn

HARVEY NORMAN           >>> Worst Customer Service (I have experienced)

CHEMISTS                        >>> Most in need of Transformation (draw with Newsagents)

APPLE                               >>>  Most Overrated


SMIGGLE                            >>> Never thought they would make it (just to confirm I am fallible)

Which brings me to the MAIN POINTS of this post.

  • It doesn't really matter what one person thinks. (Smiggle)
  • You can succeed despite your (customer service) flaws if you have the product people want (Harvey Norman)
  • Everybody has an opinion and it different and it is irrelevant. (all of the above.)
  • Knowing that you need to change is not the same as changing. (Chemists, Newsagents.)
  • It helps if the Government is your main shareholder.