How COLOUR is used in Visual Merchandising

The use of colour is an important and powerful aspect of display.  Colours are interpreted differently by most people.   Findings often vary from project to project and one can’t read too much into it other than treating it as a general guideline.


Most retailers use a little hand-held card (which contains most colours) to determine colour progression.  The card is often shaped like a wheel.  A common colour progression for a fashion store would be:

White   à Beige  à  Light Green à   Dark Green  à  Blue àPurple   àBlack.

That is, generally colours run from light to dark; and when merchandising, say a sleeve-out section of blouses of various colours, then the colour progression as adopted by that particular store will be followed.  (First the white blouses, then the beige ones, and so forth).


*Original reference lost – happy to acknowledge if advised.


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