I don't see chaos

I wondered about what the title of this post should be  

  • Do you know what is under the hood?
  • The Ant and the System?

I cannot sing. It has been thirty years since I have sung one line even in a church where the singing isn’t even often judged and the standards mediocre. But when I open my mouth, people turn their heads for the wrong reasons.

But there is something else I can do that I value infinitely more.

Visitors to our website may be a little flummoxed when confronted by images of fractals. (The dandelions in our website header and others.)

This images reflect some of the unifying theories that constitute our worldview. These theories are amongst other things Chaos Theory – and recently one of the authors I follow (Roy Williams) publishes a weekly newsletter that I rarely fail to read. Recently, he wrote this:

Does your business have unifying principles?

Viewed in high speed at the macro level, ant behavior seems to be guided by chaos theory as their movements create a pattern too vast for the unaided mind to comprehend. But when mapped on a computer, what at first appeared to be randomness becomes a beautiful fractal image built upon the unifying principles of self-similarity.

Fractal images are maps of highly organized chaotic systems and their patterns seem to mirror the behavior of the stock exchange and population fluctuations and chemical reactions. Using chaotic math, computers today are producing images that look exactly like the beauty found in nature... ferns and clouds and snowflakes and bacteria. These maps can also resemble mountains and the human brain and the frost that forms on a windowpane.

Ant behavior goes from intoxicatingly impossible to seductively predictable when the principles that bring an ant colony into unity are reverse-engineered. Here are the ingredients of ant-magic:

1. If you find food, take some home and leave a scented trail.
2. If you find a trail, follow it and add to the scent. If that trail leads you back to the hive, turn around and follow it the other direction.
3. If you don't know where food is and you don't know where a trail is, wander.

That's what the miracle of the ant-line looks like when you reduce it down to its unifying principles.



Roy states it better than I can, and I can merely add: “What he said…”

The reason I raise this is because it lifts the hood of the Ganador engine, and you can take a peak underneath. The reason why we can make a difference through (for instance) business coaching, is because we are adept at finding those patterns: the ones that work for you as much as the ones that work against you.

And in the spirit of honesty; I must admit that I am not so great at seeing myself in the same way. I suppose the perspective and the motivation is different.

Yes we have frameworks supplemented by experience, but if truth be told; it is a bit like creativity. People have the knack or they don’t. Some skills and some experience can make ‘the knack’ more useful, but if you don’t have it, you simply don’t have it.

I cannot sing, we have established that.

But I have the knack for picking up patterns where others see chaos. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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