Three things to stop doing in your retail store

Sometimes the things we don’t do can make as much of a difference than the things we do.

Three counter-intuitive things to stop doing:

  1. Stop selling features. Customers don’t care about the biggest or fastest. They care about how bigger of faster might benefit them.
  2. Stop selling on price – people buy value. Do you drive the cheapest car you could find? Are all your clothes the cheapest you could find? 99% of people find the product that meets their needs and THEN don’t want to pay more than it’s worth.
  3. Stop configuring your store to prevent theft. Make it easy to shop. Most customers are not thieves and we should not punish (inconvenience) the good ones because of a few bad apples. MOST of your shrinkage can be attributed to your staff and admin errors. And the loss of sales far outweighs the benefit of not losing a few items when your focus on shrinkage instead of service.