Imagine being SOMEBODY

Be that somebody


Imagine a young mum dealing with a child’s temper tantrum in the supermarket line.

You could be the person who frowns and seeks another line to queue.


You could be that somebody whose smile says that you understand.


Imagine a street kid skulking through the supermarket building the courage to steal dinner.

You could alert security or even dish up a frown that says ‘I am watching you’.


You could be that somebody who offers them $5 to pay for the dinner,

Or maybe even take him to Maccas for a meal and a chat.


Imagine the hungry and homeless man sitting on his knees seeking alms on a street corner

You could be the person who ignores it as one too many, or maybe toss a coin in the box


You could make eye-contact and acknowledge the human inside the suffering

And maybe even chuck a tenner in the box because you know the grog will buy a bit of pain relief


Imagine the up-and-coming executive in a fancy suit standing at the lift, who jumps the queue

You could be the person who says ‘excuse me mate, I was here first’


You could say, ‘go ahead, you obviously have somewhere important to be’


You could be the person running down the stairs to escape the fire

Or the person running up to save another.


You could be the person who does not look away when a smelly drunk stands to close on the train

You could be the person who slows down to let another cut the line.


You could choose to be the person who honks the horn when someone steals a second of your time, or you could be somebody else.

You could choose to stay quiet even if you are right.

Who we are is so much more than being first and having the most.

Who we are is a choice.

We could be somebody.

That somebody that makes a difference and makes the world better for you being in it.

Or not.

How do you choose?