Forest Gump on Social Media

Forest Gump of course made these words famous:

‘My Mama said Life is Like a Box of Chocolates, you never know what you are gonna to get’

And I was thinking that is a bit like Social Media.

There is an element of delight and surprise that comes from trawling social media sites.

And just like chocolates, social media is also pretty addictive. Before you know it, you have wasted an awful lot of time pursuing rabbits down holes to no end at all.

And just like chocolates, every now then someone will claim they have some ‘health benefit’ – and whilst in a small, almost inconsequential way that will be true, the downsides of shoving a kilo of sugar down your throat far outweighs a miniscule amount of anti-oxidants you coincidentally consume.

But more than mindless time-wasting, swimming in that little cesspool of social media all day long makes me think that social media is NOT just the chocolates, it is also the box. The amount of groupthink is staggering. Just consider how success is measured on Twitter (trending hashtags, Retweets and Followers are all metrics of CONFORMANCE – not innovation or impact or intelligence.

Success is measure by how many people in that box agree with you, not the actual truth or the actual value or the actual quality.

Which explains the food porn, sunrises funny and cat memes.

And, just like chocolates, we always go back for more.

I rest my case.