12 trends and ONE thing you can do about it

The following changes will materially affect your retail future:

1.      Manufacturers in retail

2.      Wearable technology

3.      Mobile phone usage

4.      Ageing workforce, ageing market

5.      Ethnic diversification

6.      Multi-channel delivery and engagement

7.      Social media communications strategies

8.      Diminishing career loyalty

9.      Price convergence online/offline

10.   Drone technology in the supply chain

11.   3D Printing

12.   Peer2Peer Transactions


Of course there are more – but you get the idea: change is relentless, overwhelming and unpredictable. You have two options to deal with this future:

A.     You can develop strategies for each one, assign resources and monitor progress in order to respond. You anticipate, you react. You constantly fight. You win some and you lose some – but you can never stop worrying.

B.     Or can you build your organisational culture to be an adaptive system. A system that is self-governing that thrives on complexity and is anti-fragile.

Which one is the hardest? Which is the most effective?

Most importantly, what do you choose?