Recently I failed with a project. Want to know why?

Recently I failed with a project. Want to know why?

The strongest and most destructive force in business is resistance to change.

We know about it and we trot it out when things go against our plans, but we don’t usually recognise it when we are the resiting force. Then we think we are sensible.

It is hard to judge what change is necessary and what not. It is easy to judge what change is inevitable but it is hard respond to it.

The obvious an inevitable change become apparent because everybody is trying to deal with it and we talk about it which brings it to the surface.

The most dangerous types of change are the insidious ones. The sneak up on us and we only discover in hindsight that it has happened. Almost every man alive realises they are 20kg heavier when they are forty than when they were twenty. And the rare few succeed in turning back the clock.

The ones who avoid that inevitable, insidious change do so not because they are smarter, but usually for other reasons that had the unintended consequence of saving them from the fate of that insidious change. To continue the previous analogy, the man not overweight at 40 is either blessed with lucky genes, or for instance chose a job that required them to be vain enough to be obsess about their weight (for example) and thus avoid the curse.

We point the finger at others who are resistant, but a moment of honest reflection is all that is required to realise that ALL of us resist change when we perceive it to be dangerous or uncomfortable. And we all fail to spot creeping change that is the real killer.

Today is my birthday, so only appropriate that this is the topic of the day - even if I scheduled this post at the end of September. Happy Birthday Me.