2016: Suck 1, Lesson 1

2016: Suck 1, Lesson 1

So, 2016 sucked. A real Annus Horribilis if you ask me.

There has been health issues, hospital visits, family deaths and our revenue was the worst in 10 years of trading as Ganador, and that includes the GFC.

And I can tell you, it is not good for the egos of a consultants who supposedly advise other people on how to make money. On the upside, there has been fabulous family milestones, great client projects and successes.

It was Warren Buffet who said:

"It is good to learn from your mistakes. It is better to learn from other people's mistakes."

Well, I have made enough for both of us, and I am happy to share.

Some of our, ahem, "financial under-performance", has been part of the normal win/loss ratio of business and some of it has been by design.

The reason I am telling you our story of 2016 is because (a) I am setting up 2017 to be different and (b) more importantly, hoping you, can gain from our experience.

Any business has to constantly reinvent itself to remain relevant. We cannot merely 'advise' it and not do it ourselves. Some of that time spent navel-gazing may seem unproductive, but in reality is is working ON the business. At Ganador, we have actually reduced our service offering and we have shifted focus to be more specialised.

We have had a bit of re-design of the GANADOR site.

We would love it for you to check it out. And tell us what you think. To be honest, it is not easy to describe what we do. Ganador  is about the SKILLS and STRATEGIES for SUCCESS, so we still call it 'training', but with TWO differences:

  1. It is not 'off-the-shelf' training, because we really believe one size rarely fits all when it comes to specific companies with specific cultures dealing with specific challenges. So it is BESPOKE programs that we design develop and deliver..

  2. It is more than mere training too.For training to be effective, it needs to align with the culture and the strategy - and sometimes it is actually the culture or the strategy that also needs to change in order for the company to be truly 'future-proofed' by good training. (There is no point in changing how you sell, when your whole customer journey is a bit squiff, right?)

Is that training? I suppose so, just because 'strategic enablement' sounds a bit wanky, it is not particularly helpful even if it IS more accurate.

If you,dear reader, can come up with a nice descriptor that we can adopt, I will send you a bottle of my favourite red...


Even if it does not immediately produce revenue, analysis, introspection and 'strategic thinking' will pay off in the long run. It is the ONLY way to NOT run into a wall. When you are a small business, doing this can be costly in taking you away from immediate revenue opportunities. But you have to do what you have to do.

Are you ready to make 2017 a great year and finally get THAT job that will transform your career?

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Have you heard about the Brotherhood of Managers?

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