2016: Suck 3, Lesson 3.

2016: Suck 3, Lesson 3.

I am telling you our story of 2016 is because (a) I am setting up 2017 to be different and (b) more importantly, hoping you, can gain from our experience. Please read Part 2 too.


But it is not just about money either.

We have seen a problem and we want to solve it.

We have been working with a bunch of smaller/independent retailers over the years, and the one thing that always amazes us how fearful many retailers are of the world of eCommerce.

To  be fair, I have been a vocal opponent of small retailers simply going online without really understanding what they need to do to succeed at it. Trading online is very different from bricks-and-mortar trading. But it is important to have an online presence and to take the steps to master the basics and then in time to integrate it into your retail strategy in one of several ways.

Unlike many 'consultants' who regurgitate what they read online, that is not the Ganador way, so we have been struggling to think of a PRACTICAL way in which we can help some of the small/independent retailers.

Even though it cost us time away from the business and required solid investment of resources, we felt it was important.

I won't bore you with the (de-)merits of eCommerce here, but what we have done over the last few months (and the reason we have been quieter than usual) is that we have created a PLATFORM for the makers and bakers and providores of fine foods.



Click on the link or image above to visit the site - BUT since we are just out of beta, here is a TIP:

Enter the postcode as 2533 (and don't use your actual postcode).

The way the site works is that ONLY products that are actually available for delivery in YOUR postcode will be displayed to you.

That means if there is a baker/maker in your postcode, who makes fresh food (e.g. cakes etc) then ONLY those cakes will be displayed. Additionally, if there are certain products (like jams/nuts etc) that can posted/couriered to your area, those products will ALSO be displayed.

If you use our launch area (postcode 2533) then you will see a bigger range of products and get a better feel for how it works.

If you want to know more about HOW it works and WHO it is for, we have built a dedicated (back-end) site for it here.

Click on the link or image to see exactly how the concept works. In short, it is like Etsy or Ebay -- but just it is for food-related products and has options for local delivery or national delivery depending on the nature of the product.

We are ready to go national, so we are looking for businesses who sell food/grocery products that are home-made or artisanal in quality. (No major brands etc.). The site is there for the businesses who want to get started in eCommerce and need:

  1. A platform with existing traffic

  2. A helping hand when the they get stuck

  3. An affordable solution ((Both Etsy and EBay or Amazon will cost 2-3x as much to run a store in their marketplace platform.)

We are hoping you may want to either participate or more likely, know someone who may want to do so. No contracts or commitments are required - and we think it is a pretty unique opportunity. Not being a foodie myself, I am not sure if I am right; but we built it anyway.


I am not about to start inflicting my muffins on the world.

Whilst it may seem like a digression, it really wasn't. It has been a GREAT learning experience which will benefit our clients  A LOT. Most other consultants/ trainers will base their advice on what they read and hear - but that is not our way. We will still focus on training and supporting businesses on conquering the world. And we will know what we are talking about.

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To succeed at your job, you have to first get the job

To succeed at your job, you have to first get the job

2016: Suck 2, Lesson 2.

2016: Suck 2, Lesson 2.

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