Who is to blame?


  • My boss does not like me
  • By business has failed
  • I can’t raise funding
  • I am being overlooked for promotion
  • I never get the second interview
  • My wife left me
  • I earn less than my colleague
  • I don’t get the recognition I deserve
  • I lost everything I owned

Why does nothing work out for me?

If you really want to know the truth, here goes:

It is you. (And me of course.)

Yep, it is our own fault.

Everything that is ‘wrong’ in our life, can be traced back to decisions we made and factors that we control.

Of course I am not talking about people who are suffering physical disabilities, for instance; but I am directing this to the people who the means, the education, the resources and the time to read a blog post.

Accept that all that is unacceptable in our life is as the direct consequence of the decision we make.

This approach is the direct opposite of feeling entitled to something – anything. Especially feeling entitled to success in some form.

If we adopt this approach, then and only then will we be able to even begin to address the issues that stand in our way.

As long as you have someone or something else to blame, you are focusing your energy on the wrong problem.