Bazza & Bull is the Top Brand. Again.

 Photo by  Gabriel Santiago  on  Unsplash

One of the endearing things about Australia is the style and wit of nicknames. Some aren’t particularly imaginative (Bazza) and some are - calling the smallest bloke on the team ‘Bull’ for example.

And this perfectly illustrates the misunderstanding of the whole notion of brand.

The range of perspectives on branding is astonishing. At the one end of the scale there is that group who believe it is all wank and does not really matter, and at the other end there is the group who create the wank with jargon and buzzwords.

The long version is that your brand is all of:

  • Brand Equity
  • Brand Values
  • Brand Principles
  • Brand Essence
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Image

And as many more as you can come up with.

That is what many people think a brand is.

The reality is different.

Your brand is ACTUALLY whatever the customer thinks of it.

You may think you are Barry Special, but if everyone else thinks you are Bazza, you’re Bazza. But I am guessing most brands are more Bull than Bazza.