There is a Michael Collins is all of us

I am pretty sure most literate people know the first man on the moon was Neil Armstrong.

And the majority will know that Buzz Aldrin was the second.

Few know that the third Astronaut iin that team was Michael Collins.

He was a ‘mere crewman’, and did not even get to set foot on the moon after flying all the way there with fellow astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin. (Charles P. Conrad was the third human to walk on the moon.)

People often comment about how no one remembers who came second. In fact, researchers have documented that people who win the silver medal are despondent for losing first, whereas those win bronze are happy to have medalled.

This tells us that we judge our success or failures on relative terms - compared to to other people. And that is a bad habit to fall into.

Collins did all the same training, had to meet all the same requirements and probably was paid the same. He too got to the moon. The fact that no one remembers Collins or Conrad, does not change anything. The achievement is no less for someone else having achieved more.

In business it is the same.

Jeff Bezos will soon run the first Trillion Dollar company in the world and you may run a local shoe store in a country town. Or maybe you are the Area Manager for the small retail chain. You may not have built the Harbour Bridge, but merely build shopfronts.

That does not mean you don’t have the same smarts. The same abilities. The same talents. The same persistence. The same potential.

But most importantly we all have the same worth.

We should judge ourselves or others by how well known they are.

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