To succeed at your job, you have to first get the job

To succeed at your job, you have to first get the job

It should be pretty obvious:

The primary skill you need in succeeding at your job is GETTING the job.

Getting a job is the first step in building your career. Then you will take that step of changing jobs another 7 times (the stats vary) on average. So that makes 8 make or break interviews that will determine the success or failure of your career.

Having a successful interview and getting the higher paid job has a MASSIVE ROI of $278,700 in lifetime earnings - if you crack the code.

Actually, that ROI is not real. Depending on the assumptions you make when calculating ROI, you can expect to increase your Lifetime Earnings by HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars; and that is true. The science tells me to be really specific. I should quote an ROI as being a specific $$$. But we don't operate on lies, and it is impossible to be accurate and specific with an ROI calculation without making some very big assumptions.

But it is true that every interview you have for the rest of your life could make a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE;

  • You can get the job you really love - and you can't even put a price on that.
  • Every new job you take comes with an increase in pay, that impacts every month you get paid after that - FOREVER

Problem #1:

Training and personal development that is funded by the EMPLOYER is in the interest of the employer. If you want training that is in YOUR interest, you will need to find it and fund it yourself. 

Previously, you could rely on the employer to equip you with the skills you needed to succeed at the job.

They will still train you, but you can very sure that whatever that is; it will be something that benefits them more. Your personal development to date is likely to be haphazard. You read a few blogs, you participate in a few LinkedIn forums. You may even go to an industry seminar. And once you even signed up for a webinar on Facebook.

If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.

Problem #2

The Internet is like the Gold Rush of yore

I keep thinking that NOW it is really over and will mature. Then it surprises me and it sprouts more opportunities - and with more opportunities come more gold diggers.

Now gold diggers are good for the internet. Without them you won't know where to mine for the gold.

But - and it is a very BIG but - you have to be careful who you buy from. Everyone promises great things, few can deliver.

Not every diamond is the Kimberley Diamond.

Online Education could be a great opportunity, but it is being butchered

I keep thinking that the Universities will come to their senses, but I have been waiting for 20 years, and they are yet to even show that they get it.

In the absence of academic rigour and professional offer, the incredible demand for education had to be filled.

And it has been filled.

The problem is that the people who started filling those opportunities (meeting the demand) were either tech pioneers or charlatans.

You can't blame either party for embracing the opportunity. But neither of those will really give you what you need. In particular, the vast majority of actual courses on offer via online opportunities are cobbled together by people who really have an eye for the opportunity, but not the mind or the heart for real education.

This is the most common format:

  • An online entrepreneur notices an untapped niche (probably via Google Analytics)
  • They do ''research'' - you can find really interesting stuff on Google and YouTube, or maybe even on TED.
  • The put it in a "logical" sequence
  • They put up a squeeze page to collect emails
  • They promote it like heck on social media or whatever is free
  • They collect money

Nowhere along the way as there any actual understanding of what "learning" is supposed to be about and how it actually happens.

What is the solution?

If this sounds like a sales pitch, it is because it is. I hope that does not offend.

We are going to DO something about it. Things do not have to be the way they are and THIS IS GOING TO BE DIFFERENT!

We are planning to launch builcareerskills.com - which will be Real Education, in an online environment

Online education and training can work if it is done right. There are big differences that must be considered. There are big challenges to overcome. And it will be done.

Ganador has been in BOTH Online /internet and Education environments long enough to know how they both work - and importantly, what does not work.

I got my first email address in 1994. I launched my first (joint venture) business idea online in 1997 (Compuspace was like realestate.com but for commercial property, before there was a realestate.com.) I mention that to illustrate that I have been in and around the online world for 20 years now. If I don't know what I am talking about by now, I never will. So I am going to share a few truths with you, and a special project we are launching.

If you want to be part of the revolution, join the waiting list and we will let you know.

Our plan is to create a series of programs for those who want to take their career development seriously. The first course is going to be (unless you vote differently) CRACK THE CODE.

Sure, there are YouTube videos that will give you some pointers. Sure, there are some guys flogging eBooks that promise to do that too. But this one is different. Drop your name in the box, and we will tell you how.

The team at Ganador who are developing this are behind the program. We are a reputable company, and have been operating in the current format for over a decade. The directors are qualified teachers and are serial entrepreneurs who have owned and operated multiple businesses before that.

  • Experienced trainers (over 70 years’ experience)
  • Exceptional commercial nous
  • Practical experience (been there and done that)
  • Curriculum is based on latest scientific understanding of human behaviour
  • Practical, skills-based. Not just 'what' to do, but exactly HOW to do it.
  • Post-course support & community
  • Great value (it won't be the cheapest course you can find, but the most valuable)

JOIN THE WAITING LIST, so that you can check it out for yourself when it is ready.

It is worth pointing out that, as cliched as it seems, that every journey does begin with a single step, and that step is for you today, right now to say: OK, LET ME HAVE A LOOK AT IT WHEN YOU ARE READY.

And BTW, you DO know that:

If you do nothing, nothing changes, right?

I hope you will join us - and I promise to make it worth your while.

Do you consider yourself to be a master tactician?

Do you consider yourself to be a master tactician?

2016: Suck 3, Lesson 3.

2016: Suck 3, Lesson 3.

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