The Business

Dr Dennis Price & Moonyeen Price : Founders

Dr Dennis Price & Moonyeen Price : Founders



Ganador was established in 2006 with the purpose of helping large organisations that worked with retail networks (landlords, suppliers, franchisors, publishers etc) to transform their (often adversarial) relationships with retailers into partnerships.

Our superpower has always been the ability to bridge the gap between the requirements/ mindset of a larger corporate and the constraints of the small indie retailer.

Most recently, we have also invested in our own retail business - Uncle Joe’s Cafe - which serves as our own retail laboratory and keeps us grounded and prevents any consultant-speak.

After more than a decade of working with an impressive list of blue chip clients, we have narrowed our focus to two things:

  1. CORPORATE: Dennis will work directly with landlords on their retail assets. The services are:

    • Stabilisation (short-term, emergency management)

    • Positioning

    • Marketing Reviews

    • Masterplanning

    • Turnaround

    • Best-practice Business Audits


    • Working directly with aspiring cafe/restaurant owners to set up shop for themselves : all the support & systems of franchise, but without the ongoing cost

    • Turnaround Consultancy for under-performing stores

In both cases, our Unique Selling Proposition to our clients is that it’s hands-on : no gobblydegook; we get in, get our hands dirty and fix it.

We are fortunate enough to be able to be selective. That means the challenge is more than important than the fee. But our clients are mainly chosen if we deem them able and willing to be challenged.

If you want to hear the same-old consultant-gibberish and if you are happy with platitudes and you expect only ‘correct’ thinking and if you are afraid of facing the difficult questions and if you only want easy solutions and especially if you are not fond of accepting that you might be wrong; don’t call us.

If you want it fixed, and you are brave enough to accept the answer, we’d love to help.